Live Interaction

Going beyond video games, table top role playing gaming allows participants to interact with team members face to face.

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Non competetive gaming fun

Gaming in fantasy adventures allows participants to apply all of their life skills, and learn through the consequences of their characters actions. They are challenged to develop reading, math skills, and to use them confidently.

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Guided play

With the gentle guidance of a Game Master experienced with gaming for children, individuals work through difficulties in social interaction. Young people needing guided, safe, social play and interaction benefit from this type of activity.

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We provide a space for young people to interact face to face as a team to go on adventures and learn through play. Participants build their own alter ego  give it traits they want and then, as a team, they start off on a custom designed adventure. They make their own team decisions on how to proceed, how to interact with the obstacles and how to achieve their goal. They learn to apply and improve all of their reading , math, and critical thinking skills to achieve their goals. By playing in small groups they learn to interact with each other, face to face and as their characters.

The Game Master is skilled in monitoring interactions, and guiding participants to cooperate. No grades. No judgement. A place to explore through play different approaches to situations.


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