People with People

There really is something about being physically present and engaging with others in person.  You may be able to hear someone's excitement over a headset, but you can only feel it in their presence.  This program, likewise, emphasizes tangible work and non-digital tools.  Analog is back...kind of.

Forging bonds

Our program organizes members into small groups which work toward self-determined goals.  Members must engage with each other and learn to form group strategies to achieve those objectives.  With each other, they will share disappointments and success.  Each story carries the group through tragedy and wonder of their own creation.  As they navigate the truly dynamic and open world (after all, what's more open than the imagination?), players will have the chance to explore different ideas, perspectives, and roles.

A big world

Participating in this game with a character they designed, a story they helped start, and a world they helped create builds strong engagement to the activity.  The game's premise and its environment become a framework, or medium, through which difficult social interactions can be guided.  Our game master has over 25 years of experience and is skilled at working with children and young adults.  With his help we create a safe environment for everyone involved.  Further, the modest group size allows us to cater for individuals that require a safer, guided play experience.

Role-playing  noun, verb
  • The acting out of a behavioral role or assumed character, as in therapy or education to expand awareness of differing points of view, or in certain games.
  • A technique in training or psychotherapy in which participants assume and act out roles so as to resolve conflicts, practice appropriate behavior for various situations, etc.
  • Participation in a role-playing game. (Yep, it's been around long enough to be in the lexicon.)