Sorrow&Glory 03

Tales of hope and sorrow...

There are games in this world which let you be anyone - choose anything.  You play in a world you helped create. Other players will join you and the story is built around your choices and the inevitable results.  Can you work with the other characters to forge a legendary team?  Will your adventures lead to ruin or prosperity?  Would you like to find out by playing one of these games?

From humble beginnings...

The first steps are always a little awkward as we meet new people and learn new activities.  The group begins by meeting each other and deciding what kind of atmosphere and story will be told.  Next everyone builds characters to be proxies in the new world.  As the story unfolds, the team decides how these characters will respond to overcome these challenges.  Whether creating an economic empire, a shadowy guild, or an heroic legend, the legacy you create begins when you decide.


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Modern, Historic, Future, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian, Utopian, Pulp(Noire?), Punk, Horror, Survival...



Start a business!  Get enlisted!  Purge the undead?  Discover lost ruins.  Cultivate allies and build resources.  Perhaps craft clever plots and ingenious devices.



Will you be charming or grotesque? Bold, timid? Perhaps clever or distracted. Whether commanding or quiet, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, or any other, you choose how the world sees you.



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The feeling when you and your allies have exhausted everything possible and come out victorious is unlike any other.  Teamplay is an integral part of the games we'll be engaged in.  Sometimes the members know each other already and other times you will meet new faces.  The effectiveness of your team grows as you learn to work with each other for combined results.