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A winning team

We organize our sessions by placing our members in groups which follow a single storyline or campaign.  Groups are primarily arranged by age and further by skills to provide compatibility.  Groups may range in size from 3 to 6 members.  Membership includes one group. 


Memorable journeys

Our program is designed to run 10 months each year and is divided into two semesters.  We begin in January and hold sessions through June.  The program finishes from August through November.  Groups meet for sessions lasting 4 - 5 hours with breaks interspersed.  Sessions should occur an average of twice a month.  We work with the parents to schedule a recurring day that is (ideally) convenient to plan around.  At times it may be necessary to reschedule or adjust the dates.    

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A seat at the table

It is normal for family members or friends to want to attend.  Should you want additional children to join the program we offer a discount that helps keep the expenses down.  If you have a visitor that wishes to participate in a single session simply let us know so we can make accomodations.


Membership in all its glory!

Unwritten Legacies is currently offered like a monthly subscription. A single membership is for one child and costs $70.  It includes participation in a single group, a set of polyhedral dice appropriate for that group, and a folder for storage and notes.  A custom miniature will be provided later, once the players are comfortable with their characters.

Playing together

Family Ties

  • With the number of activities available and the costs, it can get quite expensive to find something that fits.  We offer a discounted rate for family memberships based on the number children participating.

The Broader Community

  • Members can connect with each other and share experiences through our website as well as in person, opening them to the other exciting adventures happening around them.

This might work!

It's difficult to find an activity that intersects with so many cognitive functions.  From tangibles like reading comprehension and mathematics to intangibles like critical thinking or empathy, role playing is an excellent nexus for development.