How much?

We are offering mini games at a great value. Games are $150 for 7 weeks of game play. That is less than $25 a week! Our games are designed to promote support in key educational areas like reading, writing, and math; while building social skills like team building and problem solving.

F_192, 6/12/02, 10:40 am,  8C, 4598x7488 (1394+1), 100%, Max Maps & Cha,  1/50 s, R95.2, G62.8, B77.5

How Often?

Our new, modified games are designed to run 7 weeks. Games are 4 hours in length and meet weekly. The only thing you need is your imagination...and a computer. We provide the rest.


How Many?

We are able to offer family discounts. Contact us for the details.

This might work!

It's difficult to find an activity that intersects with so many cognitive functions.  From tangibles like reading comprehension and mathematics to intangibles like critical thinking or empathy, role playing is an excellent nexus for development.