We have new games starting online!

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we have moved our classes to an online format. We are now offering shortened mini game sessions online for youth aged 8-16. These shortened games meet weekly for 8 weeks with one class introduction followed by 7 gaming sessions. Register Today!

Role-playing noun, verb

  • The acting out of a behavioral role or assumed character, as in therapy or education, to expand awareness of differing points of view, or in certain games.
  • A technique in training or psychotherapy in which participants assume and act out roles to resolve conflicts, practice appropriate behavior for various situations, etc.
  • Participation in a role-playing game. (Yep, it's been around long enough to be in the lexicon.)

Gameschooling noun

  • Using games intentionally to teach various topics and skills.
  • A technique in education using games to practice, reinforce, and hone skills.
  • Learning and practicing concepts using games.