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Mini Games

Our new, modified games are designed to run 8 weeks. Games are 4 hours in length and meet weekly. The only thing you need is your imagination...and a computer. We provide the rest.

This is a great choice for people that aren't up for a huge campaign. If you are new to role playing games, this might be a great place to start. Also, with an online format these are perfect for folks not local to the Atlanta area.

Please check here for information on description and schedule. To register for Mini Games click here.

Annual Games

These are custom created games designed to run for 10 months. We have a new round beginning in January 2021. Register now to get a spot at the table. These games meet twice a month and sessions last 4 hours. Our annual games typically meet face to face. However, in light of COVID-19 we have moved online but will return to face to face games as soon as it is safe to do so. Click here for information and schedule. Please click here to register.

These games are custom designed so great for new and younger players. With a longer running game they are able to really get into and learn the game. These games are also great for advanced players looking for a challenge and/or a unique game experience. Because games are tailored to abilities and interests this won't be a game you've ever played before. Annual gamers also receive a custom miniature to represent the character they have created.


It's difficult to find an activity that intersects with so many cognitive functions. From tangibles like reading comprehension and mathematics to intangibles like critical thinking or empathy, role playing is an excellent nexus for development. With two great options, let us help you choose. Email us!